Film Production Services

Glo Films is a full service TV and Film Production Company.

We produce outstanding film, TV, stills and web content in South Africa, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban.

  • Prosthetic Elephant Trunk
  • Sculpting Netman
  • Fishmarket film set
  • Rigging a camera on a surfboard
  • Pimped Pink Volkswagen
  • Giraffe crane on tracking vehicle
Prosthetic Elephant Trunk1 Sculpting Netman2 Fishmarket film set3 Rigging a camera on a surfboard4 Pimped Pink Volkswagen5 Giraffe crane on tracking vehicle6
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We produce:

  • commercials
  • stills
  • feature films
  • TV programs
  • music videos
  • documentaries
  • corporate, brand and viral videos
  • stills and photographic shoots
  • live broadcasts

We work really hard to understand your production brief. This means we can quote on exactly what you require and offer excellent production value for your money.

Film Trained Cheetah

Our film production services include:

  • Outstanding Directors
  • Location scouting
  • Casting
  • Film permits
  • Production design, set construction and props sourcing
  • Movie animals and experienced animal wranglers
  • Animatronics and prosthetics
  • Stunts and precision driving
  • Special effects
  • Film crew
  • Camera, gripslighting and sound equipment
  • Camera drones
  • Film set catering
  • Cost reporting and budget management
  • Script breakdown and shoot scheduling using ‘Movie Magic’
  • Production and weather insurance
  • Editing and colour grading
  • Audio mix
  • Animation

Squirrel Helicopter with Gryon Gyro Stabilised Mount For a cost estimate or to ask any further questions about our film production services, please contact us.



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