Glo’ing Review – Summer is coming

‘Cold’ is a relative term. Here in South Africa, when the weather is at its coldest, and we’re wearing our thermal underwear, and have turned the tea cossie into ear muffs, we’re at about zero degrees Centigrade, or 32 Fahrenheit. In Norway, that is the sort of rarely-seen temperature that demands wearing a bikini and…

Danny Boyle’s 15 Golden Rules of Moviemaking

Danny Boyle has directed hit films in a wide array of genres—from the cautionary drug saga Trainspotting to the inspirational, Oscar-winning drama Slumdog Millionaire. Writing for MovieMaker magazine, Boyle has enumerated his 15 Golden Rules of filmmaking.

Forest in Focus Forest Film Fest

Like trees? Like movies? Like movies about trees? Like watching movies in trees? Greenpop’s Forest in Focus is a film fest that not only celebrates and raises awareness about forests in Africa and on a global scale, but also allows the participants to take the films home on a USB  stick. Treehouse viewing optional. Forest…

South Africa and Kenya become film buddies

South Africa and Kenya have signed a memorandum of understanding at the Cannes Film Festival that will enable filmmakers from the two countries to work together in telling the continent’s stories. Zama Mkosi, CEO of South Africa’s National Film and Video Foundation, says that this “will provide the two countries access to filmmaking facilities and…

Submissions invited for Cape Town FilmMart

The Cape Town & Winelands International Film Festival (CTWIFF)  – as much a mouthful as a glass of good Pinotage – has rebranded to become the Cape Town FilmMart (CTFM), and will run from 4-6 November. Submissions for the festival are now invited, and have to meet various selection critera.