Brett de Vos is as good at getting performances as he is at understanding how cutting edge post production can enhance a TV commercial. Brett teases every possible creative angle out of his projects, creating memorable and impactful messages.

John Warner works in a wide range of formats, including commercials, music videos, virals, corporates and documentaries. He has won 11 South African Awards and has been screened at festivals around the world, including Cannes, Berlin, Genova to name but a few. His short film “Note to self” was named as one of the top five South African films in the 2003 Variety International Film Guide.

Brendan Jack sees everything from an offbeat angle – possibly genetic, but possibly as a result of working as an award-winning copywriter for 7 years. A well-known actor and stand-up comic, Brendan’s spots highlight the charm and idiosyncrasies of the South African everyman.

Sakhumzi Mati won Best Director in DSTV’s short film competition, beating more than 300 other entrants for the honour. His short films are immersed in contemporary South African township life, with a visceral authenticity. Sakhumzi is now extending his repertoire to include commercials.