4 Audition Hacks to Help You Stand Out

Most actors will spend considerable time in auditions throughout their career, and oftentimes they’re very competitive. These 4 simple and helpful audition tips from ExploreTalent are a good start to help you stand out.

Tips for background extras

There’s no excuse for disrepectful treatment of background extras on a film set by any of the crew. And likewise, extras really need to behave professionally on any set. Backstage has some great tips for extras about behaving professionally on a film set, and making the best impression on the 1st AD and production team.  

Former ConCourt Justice Zak Yacoob to address SA Guild of Actors

Former South African Constitutional Court judge Justice Zak Yacoob will address the SA Guild of Actors (SAGA) at the SAGA Annual General Meeting at the Joburg Theatre on Monday 8 May, 2017. SAGA members (active or inactive) and SAGA non-members such as actors, performing arts students and other creative industry members are welcome to attend. Justice Yacoob…