Loeries 2017 Winners

The Loeries 2017 – South Africa’s premier advertising and marketing industry awards – were announced this past weekend, at the Durban International Convention Centre. The exhaustive list of winners in all 22 categories is here.


Revisiting this outstanding video from 2016, #WomenNotObjects names and shames ads that objectify women in ads. The 2-minute film provoked wide-spread conversation, some defensiveness, and some apparent real shifts in some companies’ attitudes towards sexualizing women in ads.

Ad agencies will go out of business if they don’t change these 4 crucial things

Writing in Forbes, Keenan Beasley says that Ad agencies are really struggling: declining ad spend budgets, more media to work within (remember when it was just print, TV and radio?), the all time problem of demonstrating concrete value for ad services, and so on. The solution, he argues, is to disrupt the traditional advertising agency…

CPA calls for transparency in advertising and production bidding

The Commercial Producers Association (CPA) of SA says the South African advertising and film industry is struggling against bid rigging, which favours ad agencies’ in-house production facilities. Writing in the Financial Mail, CPA executive officer Bobby Amm says an alarming number of suppliers and independent companies are facing potential closure as local ad agencies take…

Busting the marketing myth: Consumers don’t give a shit about advertising

Writing in the Daily Maverick, Brett Morris, the Executive creative director of Ad agency Draft FCB, says plainly that consumers just don’t care about advertising. The fact that people are less and less likely to engage with advertising, due to the many ways they now have to filter it out, means that advertising needs to…